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Juices Ready for drink

Found in several states and in large supermarket chains in Brazil, in Portugal and Germany, we have three products ready for consumption.

  • Cajuína Tradicional Orgânica 500 ml
  • Cajuína Sabor Tropical 310 ml (Conventional)
  • Cajuína Sabor Tropical 500 ml (Conventional)
  • Suco Roxo - Caju com beterraba 310 ml (Conventional)
  • Suco Tropical de Banana 310 ml (Conventional)
  • Clarified Juices (B2B)

    Raw material for other food industries, our clarified juices are processed with innovative technology and clarified in an ultrafiltration membrane.

  • Clarified Pineapple Juice
  • Clarified Acerola Juice
  • Clarified Banana Juice
  • Clarified Cashew Juice
  • Clarified Melon Juice
  • Pulps (B2B)

    Our Pulps are offered to the food industries with high quality.

  • Pineapple pulp
  • Acerola pulp
  • Cashew pulp
  • Guava pulp
  • Passion fruit pulp
  • Watermelon pulp
  • Polpa de melão

  • Our history

    We are a company that produces clarified juices and pulps of tropical fruits for the beverage and food industry with innovative processes that preserve functional characteristics and flavor, provide high quality standards, homogenization of batches and long shelf life, in addition to enabling the extraction of high value-added products such as dietary fiber and natural coloring.

    Our mission

    To provide the B2C and B2B market with clarified juices and pulps of tropical fruits typical of the Northeast region, in conventional and organic form, offering authentic products of superior quality, providing a pleasant experience to each unit consumed.

    Our vision

    To become a national and international reference in the next 5 years, through integrated processes and inventors, to obtain products of high added value from the precessing of fruits, established in lasting partnerships and growth with profitability.

    Our values

    Ethic; Commitment; Innovation; Productivity; Transparency.

    Our products

       Clarified pineapple   

    Packing: Drum (180 kg)
    Havest: Jul to jan
    Transport: Frozen

    Clarified pineapple

    Nossos Sucos Prontos Para Beber

    Cajuína Tradicional Orgânica 500 ml   


    Cajuína Sabor Tropical 500 ml   


    Cajuína Sabor Tropical 310 ml   


    Suco Roxo 310 ml   
    Suco de 50% caju com 50% beterraba


    Suco Tropical de Banana 310 ml   
    Suco de 50% banana com 50% água filtrada





    • 500g de carne básica de caju (carne que já foi frita e refogada)
    • 500g de soja sabor carne hidratada
    • 2 cebolas em cubos
    • 3 dentes de alho picados
    • 1 colher de cheiro verde
    • Farinha de rosca
    • Sal e pimenta


    1. Coloque todos os ingredientes no processador até virar uma massa homogênea. Acerte o sal.
    2. Com um aro, molde os hamburguês. Passe na farinha de rosca. De preferência coloque na geladeira por 30 minutos para ficarem mais firmes.
    3. Depois é só fritar com a gordura de sua preferência.

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