Harvest: July to December
Organic and conventional
Pulp, clarified and concentrated
Minimum 9º Brix
Conservation: -18º C
180 kg drum - Net weight

Papaya, papaia or ababaia is the fruit of papaya or papaya, trees of the species Carica papaya. In Angola the terms papaya or papaya are used to identify the varieties with the most rounded fruit, called papaya or papaya those that produce the longest and sweetest fruit. They are oval berries, with soft, yellow or greenish skin. Its pulp is a strong, sweet and soft orange color. There is a central cavity filled with black, rough seeds, surrounded by a transparent aril.

Papayas are eaten fresh, in salads and juices. Before maturation, its bark has a milky latex that must be removed before consumption. This latex contains substances that are harmful to the mucous membranes and is even used culinaryly as a meat tenderizer. It has a high content of papain, a proteolytic enzyme, which is used in medicines to treat gastrointestinal disorders and for resorption of bruises.

The consumption of papaya is recommended by nutritionists because it is a food rich in lycopene (average of 3.39 mg in 100 g), vitamin C and important minerals for the body. The more mature, the greater the concentration of these nutrients.

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